IT1352 Cryptography and Network Security Syllabus

IT1352        CRYPTOGRAPHY AND NETWORK SECURITY            3  1  0  100

To understand the principles of encryption algorithms; conventional and public key cryptography. To have a detailed knowledge about authentication, hash functions and application level security mechanisms.

•    To know the methods of conventional encryption.
•    To understand the concepts of public key encryption and number theory
•    To understand authentication and Hash functions.
•    To know the network security tools and applications.
•    To understand the system level security used.

UNIT I        INTRODUCTION                            10
OSI Security Architecture  - Classical Encryption techniques – Cipher Principles – Data Encryption Standard – Block Cipher Design Principles and Modes of Operation -
Evaluation criteria for AES – AES Cipher – Triple DES – Placement of Encryption Function – Traffic Confidentiality

UNIT II        PUBLIC KEY CRYPTOGRAPHY                    10
Key Management - Diffie-Hellman key Exchange – Elliptic Curve Architecture and Cryptography - Introduction to Number Theory – Confidentiality using Symmetric Encryption – Public Key Cryptography and RSA.

Authentication requirements – Authentication functions – Message Authentication Codes – Hash Functions – Security of Hash Functions and MACs – MD5 message Digest algorithm - Secure Hash Algorithm – RIPEMD – HMAC Digital Signatures – Authentication Protocols – Digital Signature Standard

UNIT IV        NETWORK SECURITY                            8
Authentication Applications: Kerberos – X.509 Authentication Service – Electronic Mail Security – PGP – S/MIME - IP Security – Web Security.

UNIT V     SYSTEM LEVEL SECURITY                        8
Intrusion detection – password management – Viruses and related Threats – Virus Counter measures – Firewall Design Principles – Trusted Systems.

TUTORIAL                                         15       
TOTAL : 60
1.    William Stallings, “Cryptography And Network Security – Principles and Practices”, Prentice Hall of India, Third Edition, 2003.

1.    Atul Kahate, “Cryptography and Network Security”, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2003.
2.    Bruce Schneier, “Applied Cryptography”, John Wiley & Sons Inc, 2001.
3.    Charles B. Pfleeger, Shari Lawrence Pfleeger, “Security in Computing”, Third Edition, Pearson Education, 2003.

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