IT1351 Network Programming and Management Syllabus

IT1351        NETWORK PROGRAMMING AND MANAGEMENT        3  0  0  100

To enable the students to develop the necessary skills for developing robust & scalable network applications and to build necessary basic knowledge for managing networks.

•    To learn the basics of socket programming using TCP Sockets.
•    To learn basics of UDP sockets.
•    To develop knowledge of threads for developing high performance scalable applications.
•    To learn about raw sockets.
•    To understand simple network management protocols & practical issues.

UNIT I        ELEMENTARY TCP SOCKETS                        9
Introduction to Socket Programming – Overview of
TCP/IP Protocols –Introduction to Sockets – Socket address Structures – Byte ordering functions – address conversion functions – Elementary TCP Sockets – socket, connect, bind, listen, accept, read, write, close functions – Iterative Server – Concurrent Server.

UNIT II        APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT                    9
TCP Echo Server – TCP Echo Client – Posix Signal handling – Server with multiple clients – boundary conditions: Server process Crashes, Server host Crashes, Server Crashes and reboots, Server Shutdown – I/O multiplexing – I/O Models – select function – shutdown function – TCP echo Server (with multiplexing) – poll function – TCP echo Client (with Multiplexing)

Socket options – getsocket and setsocket functions – generic socket options – IP socket options – ICMP socket options – TCP socket options – Elementary UDP sockets – UDP echo Server – UDP echo Client – Multiplexing TCP and UDP sockets – Domain name system – gethostbyname function – Ipv6 support in DNS – gethostbyadr function – getservbyname and getservbyport functions.

UNIT IV    ADVANCED SOCKETS                            9
Ipv4 and Ipv6 interoperability – threaded servers – thread creation and termination – TCP echo server using threads – Mutexes – condition variables – raw sockets – raw socket creation – raw socket output – raw socket input – ping program – trace route program.

UNIT V        SIMPLE NETWORK MANAGEMENT                    9
SNMP network management concepts – SNMP management information – standard MIB’s – SNMPv1 protocol and Practical issues – introduction to RMON, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3.

        TOTAL : 45 HRS
1.    W. Richard Stevens, “UNIX NETWORK PROGRAMMING Vol-I” Second Edition, PHI / Pearson Education, 1998. (Units – I, II, III & IV.) (Chapter – 1-10, 23, 25)
2.    William Stallings, “SNMP, SNMPv2, SNMPv3 and RMON 1 and 2”, Third Edition, Addison Wesley, 1999.  (Unit - V) (Chapter – 4-7)

1.    D.E. Comer, “Intrenetworking
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