IT1252        DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING                3  1  0  100

To review signals and systems, study DFT and FFT, discuss the design of IIR & FIR filters and study typical applications of digital signal processing.

•    To have an overview of signals and systems.
•    To study DFT & FFT
•    To study the design of IIR filters.
•    To study the design of FIR filters.
•    To study the effect of finite word lengths & applications of DSP

UNIT I      SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS                         9
Basic elements of digital signal Processing –Concept of frequency in continuous time and discrete time signals – Sampling theorem –Discrete time signals. Discrete time systems –
Analysis of Linear time invariant systems –Z transform –Convolution and correlation.

UNIT II        FAST FOURIER TRANSFORMS                    9
Introduction to DFT – Efficient computation of DFT Properties of DFT – FFT algorithms – Radix-2 and Radix-4 FFT algorithms – Decimation in Time – Decimation in Frequency algorithms –Use of FFT algorithms in Linear Filtering and correlation.

UNIT III     IIR FILTER DESIGN                            9
Structure of IIR – System Design of Discrete time IIR filter from continuous time filter – IIR filter design by Impulse Invariance. Bilinear transformation – Approximation derivatives – Design of IIR filter in the Frequency domain.

UNIT IV    FIR FILTER DESIGN                            9   
Symmetric & Antisymteric FIR filters – Linear phase filter – Windowing technique – Rectangular, Kaiser windows – Frequency sampling techniques – Structure for FIR systems.

UNIT V     FINITE WORD LENGTH EFFECTS                    9
Quantization noise – derivation for quantization noise power – Fixed point and binary floating point number representation – comparison – over flow error – truncation error – co-efficient quantization error  - limit cycle oscillation – signal scaling – analytical model of sample and hold operations – Application of DSP – Model of Speech Wave Form – Vocoder.

TUTORIAL                                         15       
TOTAL : 60
1.    John G Proakis and Dimtris G Manolakis, “Digital Signal Processing Principles, Algorithms and Application”, PHI/Pearson Education, 2000, 3rd Edition.

1.    Alan V Oppenheim, Ronald W Schafer and John R Buck, “Discrete Time Signal Processing”, PHI/Pearson Education, 2000, 2nd Edition.
2.     Johny R.Johnson, “Introduction to Digital Signal Processing”, Prentice Hall of India/Pearson Education, 2002.
3.    Sanjit K.Mitra, “Digital Signal Processing: A Computer – Based Approach”, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2001, Second Edition.

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