IT1011 Digital Asset Management Syllabus

IT1011        DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT                3  0  0  100

To understand the key issues in the emerging discipline of Digital Asset Management

•    To understand the ways and means of creating digital content
•    To understand the methods of storing large digital content
•    To know the basics of Content Management
•    To know the key design issues of Content Management Systems
•    To know the key technologies to build Content Management Systems.

UNIT I         CREATING DIGITAL CONTENT                    8
Digital Primer, Any Content – Anywhere, Anytime, Digital Content Consumer, Tools and the Trade, Digital Recording, CGI and Digital Content Creation, Digital Audio,
Rich Media, Streaming Media, Digital Interactive Television, Digital Cinema.

UNIT II     COMPRESSING AND INDEXING                    9
Document Databases, Compression, Indexes, Text Compression, Indexing Techniques, Image Compression, Mixed Text and Images

UNIT III     CONTENT MANAGEMENT                        10
Systems for Managing Content, The Enterprise Content Management System (CMS), Major parts of a CMS, Need for a CMS, Roots of Content Management, Branches of Content Management

UNIT IV     DESIGN OF CMS                            10
The Wheel of CMS, Working with Metadata, Cataloging Audiences, Designing Publications, Designing content Components, Accounting for Authors, Accounting for Acquisition sources,

UNIT V     BUILDING CMS                            8
Content Markup Languages, XML and Content Management, Processing Content

                                    TOTAL : 45
1.    John Rice and Brian Mckerman (Editors), Peter Bergman, “Creating Digital Content”, McGraw-Hill, USA, 2001[UNIT 1]
2.    Ian H Witten, Alistair Moffat, Timothy C Bell, “Managing Gigabytes”, Academic Press, USA, 1999 [UNIT 2]
3.    Bob Boiko, “Content Management Bible”, John Wiley & Sons, USA, 2001 [UNITS 3,4,5]

1.    Abdreas Ulrich Mauthe and Peter Thomas, “Professional Content Management Systems – Handling Digital Media Assets”, John Wiley & Sons, USA, 2004
2.    Dave Addey, James Ellis, Phil Suh, David Thiemecke, “Content Management Systems (Tool of the Trade)”, Apress, USA, 2003.

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