IT1010 Mobile Networks Syllabus

IT1010        MOBILE NETWORKS                                             3  0  0  100

To provide basic for various techniques in mobile Networks/Adhoc Networks and New technology of Wireless Broadband Networks

•    To learn the basics of Routing and protocols in Adhoc and Sensor Networks,
•    To learn Wireless Broadband Networks Technology Overview, Platforms and Standards.
•    To learn management, testing and troubleshooting in Wireless Broadband Networks working principles of wireless LAN, its standards.
•    To learn latest wireless networks

UNIT I        AD HOC NETWORKS                             9
Characteristics and Applications of Ad hoc Networks,
Routing – Need for routing and routing classifications, Table Driven Routing Protocols, Source Initiated On-Demand Routing Protocols,, Hybrid Protocols – Zone Routing,  Fisheye Routing, LANMAR for MANET with group mobility, Location Added Routing, Distance Routing Effects, Microdiscovery and Power Aware Routing

UNIT II        SENSOR NETWORKS                             9
Wireless Sensor Networks, DARPA Efforts, Classification, Fundamentals of MAC, Flat routing – Directed Diffusion, SPIN, COGUR, Hierarchical Routing, Cluster base routing, Scalable Coordination, LEACH, TEEN, APTEEN and Adapting to the dynamic nature of Wireless Sensor Networks.

UNIT III    WIRELESS BROADBAND NETWORKS TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW,                 PLATFORMS AND STANDARDS                                                9
Wireless broadband fundamentals and Fixed Wireless Broadband Systems, Platforms- Enhanced Copper, Fibre Optic and HFC, 3G Cellular, Satellites, ATM and Relay Technologies, HiperLAN2 Standard, Global 3G CDMA Standard, CDMA Harmonization G3G Proposal for Protocol Layers

UNIT IV      MANAGING WIRELESS NETWORKS AND TESTING                               9
Managing Wireless Broadband Operations Management of LMDS Systems and their Application, Principles of operations Management, LMDS Versus Other Access technologies, Applications, Testing Wireless Satellite Networks and Fixed Wireless Broadband Networks             

UNIT V      ADVANCED WIRELESS NETWORKS                      9
Wireless. Broadband Network Applications: Teleservices Model and Adaptive QoS Parameters, Modeling of Wireless. Broadband Applications, Multicomponent Model, Residential High speed Internet Wireless Broadband Satellite Systems, Next Generation Wireless Broadband Networks – 3G, Harmonized 3G, 3G CDMA, Smart Phones and 3G Evolution
TOTAL : 45
1.    Joh R. Vacca, “Wireless Broadband Networks Handbook 3G, LMDS and Wireless Internet” Tata McGraw-Hill, 2001 (Unit III Chapter – 1, 2, 5; Unit IV Chapter 22, 23, 24, Unit V Chapter 25, 26 and 28)
2.    D.P. Agrawal and Qing-An zeng, “Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Systems” Thomson Learning, 2003. [Unit I, Chapter 13.1 to 13.7.7, Unit 2 13.7.8  to 13.9]

1.    Martyn Mallick, Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials, Wiley, 2003
2.    Kavesh Pahlavan and Prashant Krishnamurty -  “Principles of Wireless Networks – A unified Approach, Pearson Education, 2002 

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