EE1261 Electrical Machines Lab Syllabus

EE 1261   ELECTRICAL MACHINES LABORATORY                         0 0 3 100

                 To expose the students to the basic operation of electrical machines and  help
                 them to develop experimental skills.

1.    Open circuit and load characteristics of separately excited and self excited D.C. generator.
2.    Load test on D.C. shunt motor.
3.    Load test on D.C. series motor.
4.    Swinburne’s test and speed control of D.C. shunt motor.
5.    Load test on single phase transformer and open circuit and short circuit test on single phase transformer
6.    Regulation of three phase alternator by EMF and MMF methods.
7.    Load test on three phase induction motor.
8.    No load and blocked rotor tests on three phase induction motor (Determination of equivalent circuit parameters)
9.    Load test on single-phase induction motor.
10.    Study of D.C. motor and induction motor starters.
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