EC1204 Electronic Devices Circuits Lab I Syllabus

EC1204        ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS LAB -I                       0  0  3  100

Ex.1:    Diode Forward characteristics.
(i)    Determination of η from the plot of ln I vs V.
(ii)    Determinations reverse saturation current.
[Note that reverse characteristics of Diodes cannot be measured using common instruments available in the Lab.]

Ex.2:    Input and Output characteristics of BJT.
1.    Determination of h parameters from the graph.

Ex.3:    Output characteristics of JFET.
(i)    Plot of Transfer characteristics from the output characteristics.
(ii)    Determination of pinch off voltage and Idss

Ex.4:    Fixed Bias amplifier circuits using
(i)    Waveforms at input and output without bias.
(ii)    Determination of bias resistance to locate Q-point at center of load line.
(iii)    Measurement of hFE and gain.
(iv)    Calculation of hie=VT/Ibdc and gain assuming hFE= hfe.
(v)    Plot of frequency response.

Ex.5:    BJT Amplifier using voltage divider bias (self bias) with unbypassed emitter resistor.
(i)    Measurement of input resistance and gain
(ii)    Comparison with calculated values.
(iii)    Plot of DC collector current as a function of collector resistance (application as constant current circuit).

Ex.6:    Source follower with Bootstrapped gate resistance.
(i)    Measurement of gain, input resistance and output resistance with and without Bootstrapping .
(ii)    Comparison with calculated values.

Ex.7:    Class B Complementary symmetry power amplifier
1.    Observation of the output wave form with cross over Distortion.
2.    Modification of the circuit to avoid cross over distortion.
3.    Measurement of maximum power output.
4.    Determination of efficiency.
5.    Comparison with calculated values.

Ex.8:    Differential amplifier using BJT.    
1.    Construction of the circuit.
2.    Measurement of DC collector current of individual transistors.
3.    Equalization of DC current using individual emitter resistance (50 – 100 Ohms)
4.    Measurement of CMRR.

Ex.9:    Power supply Full wave rectifier with simple capacitor filter.
(i)    Measurement of DC voltage under load and ripple factor, Comparison with calculated values.
(ii)    Measurement of load regulation characteristics (Vout vs Iout).
Comparison with calculated values.

Ex.10:    Measurement of UJT and SCR Characteristics.
1.        Firing Characteristics of SCR.
2.        Measurement of Intrinsic stand off ratio of UJT.

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