EC1008 High Speed Networks Syllabus

EC1008        HIGH SPEED NETWORKS                       3  0  0  100

    To highlight the features of different technologies involved in High Speed Networking and their

•    Students will get an introduction about ATM and Frame relay.
•    Students will be provided with an up-to-date survey of developments in High Speed Networks.
•    Enable the students to know techniques involved to support real-time traffic and congestion control.
•    Students will be provided with different levels of quality of service (Q.S) to different applications.

UNIT I        HIGH SPEED NETWORKS                            8
Frame Relay Networks – Asynchronous transfer mode – ATM Protocol Architecture, ATM logical Connection, ATM Cell – ATM Service Categories – AAL.
High Speed LAN’s: Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet,
Fibre Channel – Wireless LAN’s: applications, requirements – Architecture of 802.11

UNIT II        CONGESTION AND TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT                          8
Queuing Analysis- Queuing Models – Single Server Queues –     Effects of Congestion – Congestion Control – Traffic Management – Congestion Control in Packet Switching Networks – Frame Relay Congestion Control.

UNIT III        TCP AND ATM CONGESTION CONTROL                         12
TCP Flow control – TCP Congestion Control – Retransmission – Timer Management – Exponential RTO backoff – KARN’s Algorithm – Window management – Performance of TCP over ATM.
Traffic and Congestion control in ATM – Requirements – Attributes – Traffic Management Frame work, Traffic Control – ABR traffic Management – ABR rate control, RM cell formats, ABR Capacity allocations – GFR traffic management.

Integrated Services Architecture – Approach, Components, Services- Queuing Discipline, FQ, PS, BRFQ, GPS, WFQ – Random Early Detection, Differentiated Services

UNIT V        PROTOCOLS FOR QOS SUPPORT                              8
RSVP – Goals & Characteristics, Data Flow, RSVP operations, Protocol Mechanisms – Multiprotocol Label Switching – Operations, Label Stacking, Protocol details – RTP – Protocol Architecture, Data Transfer Protocol, RTCP.

TOTAL : 45
1.    William Stallings, “HIGH SPEED NETWORKS AND INTERNET”, Pearson Education, Second Edition, 2002. [Chapter – 4-6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 17,18]

1.    Warland & Pravin Varaiya, “HIGH PERFORMANCE COMMUNICATION NETWORKS”, Jean Harcourt Asia Pvt. Ltd., II Edition, 2001.
2.    Irvan Pepelnjk, Jim Guichard and Jeff Apcar, “MPLS and VPN architecture”, Cisco Press, Volume 1 and 2, 2003

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