CS1021 Quantum Computing Syllabus

CS1021        QUANTUM COMPUTING                                  3  0  0  100

To understand the fundamental principles of quantum computing.

•    To understand the building blocks of a quantum computer.
•    To understand the principles, quantum information and limitation of quantum operations formalizing.
•    To understand the quantum error and its correction.

UNIT I        FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS                                  9
Global Perspectives, Quantum Bits, Quantum Computation, Quantum Algorithms,
Quantum Information, Postulates of Quantum Mechanisms.

UNIT II        QUANTUM COMPUTATION                                  9
Quantum Circuits – Quantum algorithms, Single Orbit operations, Control Operations, Measurement, Universal Quantum Gates, Simulation of Quantum Systems, Quantum Fourier transform, Phase estimation, Applications, Quantum search algorithms – Quantum counting – Speeding up the solution of NP – complete problems – Quantum Search for an unstructured database.

UNIT III        QUANTUM COMPUTERS                                  9
Guiding Principles, Conditions for Quantum Computation, Harmonic Oscillator Quantum Computer, Optical Photon Quantum Computer – Optical cavity Quantum electrodynamics, Ion traps, Nuclear Magnetic resonance.

UNIT IV        QUANTUM INFORMATIONS                                  9
Quantum noise and Quantum Operations – Classical Noise and Markov Processes, Quantum Operations, Examples of Quantum noise and Quantum Operations – Applications of Quantum operations, Limitations of the Quantum operations formalism, Distance Measures for Quantum information.

UNIT V        QUANTUM ERROR CORRECTION                              9
Introduction, Shor code, Theory of Quantum Error –Correction, Constructing Quantum Codes, Stabilizer codes, Fault – Tolerant Quantum Computation, Entropy and information – Shannon Entropy, Basic properties of Entropy, Von Neumann, Strong Sub Additivity, Data Compression, Entanglement as a physical resource.

        TOTAL : 45
1.    Micheal A. Nielsen. & Issac L. Chiang, “Quantum Computation and Quantum Information”, Cambridge University Press, Fint South Asian edition, 2002.

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