CS1011 Systems Modelling Simulation Syllabus

CS1011        SYSTEM MODELING AND SIMULATION                        3  0  0  100

To build knowledge on system modeling and system study on various applications.

•    To provide a strong foundation on concept of simulation, and modeling.
•    To understand the techniques of random number generations.
•    To understand the techniques of testing randomness.
•    To design simulation models for various case studies like inventory, traffic flow networks, etc.
•    To practice on simulation tools and impart knowledge on building simulation systems.

1.     INTRODUCTION                                       8
Systems, modeling, general systems theory, Concept of simulation, Simulation as a decision making tool, types of simulation.

2.     RANDOM NUMBERS                                          9
Pseudo random numbers, methods of generating random variables,
discrete and continuous distributions, testing of random numbers.

3.     DESIGN OF SIMULATION EXPERIMENTS                                    10
Problem formulation, data collection and reduction, time flow mechanism, key variables, logic flow chart, starting condition, run size, experimental design consideration, output analysis and interpretation validation.

4.     SIMULATION LANGUAGES                                      8
Comparison and selection of simulation languages, study of anyone simulation language.

5.     CASE STUDIES                                       10
Development of simulation models using simulation language studied for systems like queuing systems, Production systems, Inventory systems, maintenance and replacement systems and Investment analysis.

TOTAL : 45
1.    Geoffrey Gordon, “System Simulation”, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall, India, 2002.
2.    Narsingh Deo, “System Simulation with Digital Computer, “Prentice Hall, India, 2001.

1.    Jerry Banks and John S.Carson, Barry L. Nelson, David M.Nicol, “Discrete Event System Simulation”, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall, India, 2002.
2.    Shannon, R.E. Systems simulation, The art and science, Prentice Hall, 1975.
3.    Thomas J. Schriber, Simulation using GPSS, John Wiley, 1991.

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