CS1009 TCP IP Design Implementation Syllabus

CS1009        TCP / IP DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION              3  0  0  100

Having learned about computer networks, this subject helps the students to learn TCP/IP protocol indepth considering design alternatives and implementation techniques.

•    To understand the internals of the TCP/IP protocols
•    To understand how TCP/IP is actually implemented
•    To understand the interaction among the protocols in a protocol stack.

UNIT I         INTRODUCTION                                      9
Internetworking concepts and architectural model- classful Internet address –
CIDR-Subnetting and Supernetting –ARP- RARP- IP – IP Routing –ICMP – Ipv6

UNIT II         TCP                                             9
Services – header – connection establishment and termination- interactive data flow- bulk data flow- timeout and retransmission – persist timer - keepalive timer- futures and performance

UNIT III     IP IMPLEMENTATION                                    9
IP global software organization – routing table- routing algorithms-fragmentation and reassembly- error processing (ICMP) –Multicast Processing (IGMP)

UNIT IV     TCP IMPLEMENTATION I                                9
Data structure and input processing – transmission control blocks- segment format- comparison-finite state machine implementation-Output processing- mutual exclusion-computing the TCP data length

UNIT V         TCP IMPLEMENTATION II                                 9
Timers-events and messages- timer process- deleting and inserting timer event- flow control and adaptive retransmission-congestion avoidance and control – urgent data processing and push function. 

                                    TOTAL : 45
1.    Douglas E.Comer – “Internetworking with TCP/IP Principles, Protocols and Architecture”, Vol. 1 & 2 fourth edition, Pearson Education Asia, 2003
(Unit I in Comer Vol. I, Units II, IV & V – Comer Vol. II )
2.    W.Richard Stevens “TCP/IP illustrated” Volume 1 Pearson Education, 2003 (Unit II )

1.    TCP/IP protocol suite, Forouzan, 2nd edition, TMH, 2003
2.    W.Richard Stevens “TCP/IP illustrated” Volume 2 Pearson Education 2003.

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