Highly Secure and Efficient Routing (.pdf)

    Mobile Agents: A Distributed Voice-Commanded Sensory 

       and Robotic System for Surface EVA Assistance (.pdf)

    A General Theory for Deadlock-Free Adaptive Routing
       Using a Mixed Set of Resources (.pdf)

    A Multicast Routing Algorithm for LEO Satellite IP Networks

    Concepts of Exact QoS Routing Algorithms

   A Distributed Routing Algorithm for Datagram Traffic in 

       LEO Satellite Networks (.pdf)

    Heuristic Techniques for Accelerating Hierarchical Routing

       on Road Networks (.pdf)

    High-Performance Routing in Networks of Workstations 

       with Irregular Topology (.pdf)

    Routing Algorithms in IP/WDM Networks Based on
       Hop-Constraint Lightpath Establishment Approach

    On the Fundamental Tradeoffs Between Routing Table 

       Size and Network Diameter in Peer-to-Peer Networks (.pdf)

    Parallel Routing Algorithms for Nonblocking Electronic 

      and Photonic Switching Networks (.pdf)

    Performance of Split Routing Algorithm for Three-Stage 

       Multicast Networks (.pdf)
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