Read the Following Table and Answer the Question Given Below

National energy production 1990 – 1993

Year    Diesel    Petrol    Natural Gas    Others
1990    43.6%    24.1%    19.3%    13.0%
1991    40.4%    32.3%    20.0%    7.3%
1992    36.8%    41.2%    18.7%    3.3%
1993    45.9%    33.6%    20.0%    0.5%

1.    The production of natural gas in 1992 was __________ percentage.
2.    The production of diesel increased by __________ percent in 1992 from the previous year.
3.    The production of petrol was highest in __________.
4.    Which year saw the same quality of natural gas production? _______________.
5.    In which year was the production of diesel and petrol highest? _______________.


Fill in the Blanks Using the List of Words Given Below

Social    Hierarchies    Workers
Strictly    Adhere    Odor
Strong    Players    Mates
Play    Playable    Identify

As _______________ creatures, ants need to identify their own nest mates from non-nest mates. They do this by recognizing the _______________ that emanates from their nest mates, which is different from that given off by non-nest _______________. Ants have _______________ comprising forager ants, workers and queens. Each has a well defined role to play in the colony. They _______________ adhere to their social structures.


Fill in the Blanks Using the List of Words Given Below

Elongated    Two    Foot
First    Narrow    Spiral
Winding    Square    Circular
Large    Curved    Terrace

    John has rented a room near his college. The room is on the __________ floor of the house. It is a small __________ room facing south. It has a __________ bay-window on the south side and an __________ shuttered-window on the eastside. Along the other __________ walls are two doors, one on the west side opening onto a __________ balcony with a two __________ high __________ grill fixed along its edge. The other door opens out into a __________ passage. On one of it is a __________ stairway leading down to the dining hall on the first floor. On the other end is a __________ staircase which takes you up to the terrace.
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