Nishanthi : Friends, press is considered one of the important pillars of a democracy. The press plays a key role in its success. Its main role is to function as a channel of communication between the people and the government, presenting facts and giving unbiased information without any fear or favour. So far as the press in India is concerned, it is a free press. In my opinion, the press misuses its freedom. Its freedom should, therefore be curtailed.

Logesh : I hold the opinion that the Indian press is entirely free if we go by the letter of law. But the moot question is whether the press in India is truly or really free. All political parties, whether in power or in the opposition, can be heard accusing the press of being partial, one-sided, and even blind. According to them, the press is biased.

Praveen : I don’t read newspapers much beyond glancing at the headlines. It is rather unfortunate that the subject today relates to newspapers. I believe that all newspapers do is propaganda and brainwashing the public. If they do not have the freedom they want how do they write all the rubbish that is published?

Poongothai : We all agree that going by the letter of the law and as per the Constitution, the press in India is free. It is also true that some journals, periodicals, and newspapers abuse the freedom, some totally and others to some degree. But if the public and the government so desire, there are legal remedies to stop such abuse.

Kirthika : I hold the opinion that our press has full freedom and that, by and large, our press has performed its responsibilities admirably well. Freedom of communication is imperative where men govern themselves.

Lakshmi : Media plays an important role in the life of a nation. It has made people aware of their political rights. Thus, in my opinion, media should be given unrestricted freedom so that it can function without fear.

Prakash : I have learnt much from what you have said just now. I wonder whether anyone can add anything more to what has been so brilliantly presented by you already. If I say something, it will only be a repetition.


The role of media in a democracy like ours and also believe that the press should get full freedom. There should be, at the same time, an intrinsic, a built-in sense of restraints as well. Some of my friends have presented a blown-up and glorified picture of a gallant and functional press, but have failed to see the other side of the picture. The press has become an organized, professional industry, where commercial gains are the real motivating force. The press today cannot afford to go against the commercial interests of the house that run them. Nor can they ignore the interests of the advertisers who are their bread givers. Similarly, political affiliations also monitor their response and role. Different newspapers uphold varying political views in tune with their own ideologies-caring a fig for objectivity and truth. Thus Indian press is not at all free. It is a dancer in chains
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