Nishanthi : Hi friends, first of all I would thank you for giving me the opportunity of being the opening speaker. I have yet to come across a statement encouraging brain drain because it is beneficial. Engineers, doctors, computer professionals and other who leave our country and settle in foreign countries are not real patriots. They want to stay abroad because they get plenty of money. I feel they are selfish.

Logesh : I would, however, like to contradict you. I think brain drain is an inevitable phenomenon. I feel scientists, technologists, and specialists are more interested in doing research and resolving various problems posed by science and technology than in their personal earnings and comforts. They are chiefly concerned with the facilities available for research when they go abroad.

Poongothai : I endorse the view that brain drain is a real danger to the development of the country. It is sheer hypocrisy to talk to the benefits of brain drain. By allowing brain drain we are helping foreign countries to exploit us. Let us stop it.

Praveen : Many Indian engineers, scientists and other specialists leave India and go abroad for higher education but don’t return to India. Since the government invests huge amounts on each individual, we suffer great loss and get no return on this investment. The presence of these top brains would help our developmental efforts and growth. Brain drain therefore is definitely harmful.

Kirthika :  I would like to add that brain drain is a tremendously significant problem which should be addressed in right earnest. The so-called brain drain is, in truth, a kind of exchange of knowledge and international participation in human development.  If scientists, technocrats and specialists are prevented from sharing knowledge, technical competence, and uptodate information or from disseminating their knowledge to different parts of the world, it will mean a great loss to mankind.

Lakshmi : As the subject has been fully covered by all of you, there is hardly anything left for me to add. What is more, I do not believe in criticizing or contradicting others. I agree with everyone.

Prakash :  The young, talented persons rushing to greener pastures cannot be blamed fully. The casual system of selection and promotion, poor career prospects, excessive bureaucracy, reservation policy, and rampant corruption are some of the major causes of this exodus.


    Even after fifty years of independence, it is the all-powerful bureaucracy that calls the shots. Despite their outstanding contributions, inventions, and innovative research, the technocrats have to play the second fiddle to the bureaucrats. No serious attempt has been made to make technocrats, experts, and pioneers in scientific and technological fields, who are the backbone of defense and developmental strides, feel important. Therefore, a professional could easily see himself excelling outside the country, where both talent and merit are appreciated and assessed. Those who have preferred to serve their country find themselves, sooner than later, in a state of utter failure and frustration. 
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