11 Top Sites for Job Aptitude Test - Handpicked Recommendation


For over 20 years, Kenexa have studied human behavior and team dynamics in the work place to improve better work environments for global organizations.

From their studies they developed software and business processes and provided expert consultations, including the job aptitude tests for companies. From their research, they’ve created assessments to help companies find the best employees to join their team.

To find the top work performers, Kenexa created assessments that will predict an individual’s potential the working environment. The job aptitude tests will assess seven areas-- the employee’s experience, skills, abilities, personality, motivation, judgment and culture fit. Their assessment are widely used in companies and industries, including retail, software, call center, financial, healthcare, sales and hospitality.

To recruit the best of the best, trust Kenexa.com to find them for you.


Not only is Abso.com famous for its employee screening and simplify the employee hiring process, they also offer job aptitude test to assess each individual to ensure excellent work performance. How do you know who is fit for the job?

With over 200 available job aptitude tests, Abso.com believes in finding the right candidate with the skills and personality fit for the job. They offer job aptitude tests in many career fields, including, finance/accounting, clerical, engineering, healthcare, retail, hospitality, leadership, Micosoft skills and many more. Abso.com even allows you to easily create your own custom test.

Abso.com wants to reduce your hiring risk and increase overall work performance by finding the right candidate for you.


Brainbench.com has served over 5,000 corporate and 6 million individual customers. Over the course of 10 years since brainbench.com started, their mission is to deliver easy to use assessment products to predict the success of an individual.

Their job aptitude tests will assess the employee’s personality, knowledge, skills, abilities, and past work behavior. Meanwhile other companies focus on only one or two key areas; brainbench.com believes the significance of all five. To assess employees, there are over 600 tests available. For your convenience, a single test or a series of tests are held online. The tests are widely used in companies searching for employees, including jobs in the field of government, retail, education, healthcare and many more.

Go to brainbench.com to get started on improving your company’s work performance!


Eskill.com’s mission is simple: to save you time during the hiring process by offering a pre-hiring online skills assessment test to each individual.

Eskill.com offers a huge variety of tests, including math and English skills, Microsoft Office Software, Hardware and Networking, Database, web development and many more. You can include multiple topics within a single test to ensure accurate results, specific to your company’s requirements. Eskill.com also allows you to create your own specific questions relating to the nature or skills required for your business.

This time efficient strategy will make sure you only interview the individuals with the greatest potential! Go to eskill.com now, register and begin hiring the best employees for your company.


With over 1000 skill tests available, fadvassessments.com is becoming a rising human resources company. Now you can hire the individuals with the highest potential with skills tests, including software skills, accounting/finance, legal, medical, and many more. Not limited to skills tests, they also offer identity and behavior tests and custom tests.

However, fadvassessment.com believes an individual’s skills are not the only factor that needs to be considered for hiring. With identity and behavior tests, such as cognitive ability, customer service, management, etc., fadvassessments.com will select the best individuals who have the potential to succeed in work environment. With custom tests, you can now personalize the tests by combining several key areas you believe the candidate should be tested on, such as industrial knowledge, reasoning, foundational skills, computer skills and more.

Go to fadvassessments.com now and watch your company transform!


Hireselect is criteriacorp.com’s designed software to aid and improve your company’s hiring process. With Hireselect, you do not need to pay per test, but rather pay a flat fee for unlimited use of all tests. Hireselect consists of test developed by psychologists from Harvard University with extensive research performed to ensure accurate assessments.

Hireselect offers skills test, personality test and cognitive test. Criteriacorp.com concluded that cognitive aptitude test has the highest predictive validity of the individual’s work performance in comparison to the individual’s education or interview. Although criteriacorp.com does not offer custom tests you can create, the Hireselect software have conducted research to ensure great accuracy in selecting the individuals with the highest potential to succeed in any company!

Go to Criteriacorp.com to find the top candidates!


With over 1,000 off the shelf tests and assessments available at Previsor.com, there’s bound to be a match for your company’s needs!

The test includes skills and personality assessments. With the skills tests offered at previsor.com, your company will find out which individuals can do the job, but with the personality and behavior tests, your company will find out which individuals will actually do the job! Previsor.com offers pre-packaged tests as well as tailored tests. For tailored tests, Previsor.com will customize unique combinations for your company needs.

Unlike other companies offering job aptitude tests, previsor.com has reduced their test time without compromising their accuracy in predicting the top candidates. Go to previsor.com and you can even sign up for a free trial! With so much to choose from, your company will find the ideal candidates in no time!


For over 70 years, Wonderlic.com has provided excellent human resource services to small and large companies. As experts in this field, Wonderlic.com has employee assessments to ensure only the finest candidates to join your work team.

Tests derived from over 70 years of research and data are indeed reliable and valid. Saving your time from meeting unsuitable applicants, there are 12 pre-packaged tests available to test each individual’s skills and personality. Each package tests a number of different key areas such as Personal Characteristics Inventory, which tests an individual’s agreeableness, commitment to work, learning orientation, etc.

If you’re looking for a company with great experience and a history of success, wonderlic.com is the place to go. To find the ideal employee to join your company, trust wonderlic.com to help you!


Founded only 10 years ago, Hiresuccess.com is climbing its way into one of the top pre-employment assessment service companies. Offering job aptitude tests to companies of all sizes, Hiresuccess.com have been praised for its reliability and accuracy!

There is a huge variety of personality, aptitude and integrity tests offered. Hiresuccess.com believes that the candidate’s resume is not sufficient for determining an individual’s character. The ideal candidate should have a combination of basic skills and the right personality for a working environment. Therefore assessments test the individual on basic skills such as English and Math, as well as communication skills, honesty and work ethics.

For each job, Hiresuccess.com will create a baseline profile, resulting in better matches for your specific company and that particular position! Go to hiresuccess.com if you want to improve your company’s success!


Gneil.com offers an amazing variety of job aptitude test.

Skill Profiler is a skill assessment that help the employer identify the basic skills an applicant processes. Workplace Essential Profile tests employee’s basic workplace skills, as well as the person’s reliability and trustworthiness.

There are also many more tests evaluating applicants supervisory skill, work ethic, "can do" attitude, and job skills related to different career like customer service and sales.

These tests are developed by experts in the fields. You can download the manuals for tests for free, and the manuals, with plenty of information, should help you decide whether they fit your needs.

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ExperRating is a very popular provider of job aptitude test.

When we checked the site, we found 8173 companies had tested over 1.9 million employees. The companies list includes famous businesses and institutions like Fox News, Standford University and Ericson.

The site also offers online skill testing and certification for job applicants to evaluate their own skills, and improve the competitiveness in the job market. The tests represent a very broad selection of skills, and the service is hugely popular. Actually, over 200,000 people have benefited from the certification!

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