C Program for Tower of Hanoi Problem using Recursion

The tower of Hanoi is a traditional problem, which consists of moving n disks from source to destination using a temporary tower; main constraint is that the disks should be arranged such that larger disks are always below the smaller ones.

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Source Code:
Tower of Hanoi using Recursion in C 
Author: sourcecodesonline.blogspot.com
void Hanoi(int,char,char,char);  
int main(void)  
{              int no_disks;  
            char source='S',destination='D',temp='T';  
            printf("\n\t\t\t\tTower of Hanoi");  
            printf("\n\tEnter the no. of disks:");  
 return 0;  
void Hanoi(int no_disks,char source,char destination,char temp)  
                        printf("\nMove disk %d from %c to %c",no_disks,source,destination);  
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