CE1406 Design Project Syllabus

CE1406 DESIGN PROJECT 0 0 4 100

The objective of this course is to impart and improve the design capability of the student. This course conceives purely a design problem in any one of the disciplines of Civil Engineering; e.g., Design of an RC structure, Design of a waste water treatment plant, Design of a foundation system, Design of traffic intersection etc. The design problem can be allotted to either an individual student or a group of students comprising of not more than four. At the end of the course the group should submit a complete report on the design problem consisting of the data given, the design calculations, specifications if any and complete set of drawings which follow the design.

TOTAL : 60

The method of evaluation will be as follows:
1. Internal Marks : 20 marks
(decided by conducting 3 reviews by the guide appointed by the
2. Evaluation of Project Report : 30 marks
(Evaluated by the external examiner appointed the University).
Every student belonging to the same group gets the same mark

3. Viva voce examination : 50 marks
(evaluated by the internal examiner appointed by the HOD with the
approval of HOI, external examiner appointed by the University and
Guide of the course – with equal Weightage)

Total : 100 marks
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