CE1026 Structural Dynamics Syllabus


At the end of this course the student is expected to know how to arrive at the dynamic forces and structures, how to idealise the structure into systems of reduced number of degrees of freedom and analyse these systems for the forces. He should also be able to interpret the results.

1. Difference between static loading and dynamic loading – Nature of dynamic loads –
Wind, Earthquake and Impact Loads – Damping – Viscous and structural damping – single degree of freedom (SDOF) Systems – Formulation of equation of motion – Newton’s Law and D’Alembert’s principles – Examples of SDOF modeling. 9

2. Free vibration response of SDOF system – Response of undamped and damped SDOF system to harmonic excitation – characteristic of resonance – Response to impulse and an arbitrary forcing function – Duhamel Integral formulation. 9

3. MDOF systems – examples – Lumped parameter model – Formulation of equation of motion – Free vibration of MDOF systems as Eigen value problem – concept of mode shapes and natural frequencies – 2 DOF example – orthogonal properties of normal modes. 9

4. Harmonic excitation of 2 DOF system – Principle of mode superposition (principle only) for dynamic analysis – vibration isolation – vibration measuring instruments. 9

5. Effect of wind and earthquake on structures – Principles of aseismic design – Methods of vibration control – codal provisions for design for wind and earthquake (explanation of provisions only – no design) 9

TOTAL : 45

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