Activity diagram for Online Flight Ticket Reservation System | CS1403-CASE Tools Lab

     To model an Activity Diagram for Flight Ticket Reservation System using Rational Rose Application Software in CS1403-CASE Tools Lab.

1)Add the Activity diagram to the browser by the following method:
   a)Open the use-case model of the project.
   b)Right click the “Reservation details” Use-Case and click New.
   c)Click activity diagram and name it “basic flow”.
   d)Open the new activity diagram.
2)Add activities using use-case specification.
3)Add start state and end state to the diagram.
4)Add state transitions, decisions and guard conditions.
   a)For decisions, add the state decision icon first and add the state transitions.
   b)For guard condition text, open the transition specification window and go to the detail tab.
5)Save the Activity diagram.


   Thus the Activity Diagram for Flight Ticket Reservation System was designed successfully using Rational Rose Application Software.
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