IT1007 Electronics Commerce Syllabus

IT1007        ELECTRONICS COMMERCE                    3  0  0  100

To understand the E-Commerce.

•    To describe E-Commerce Framework.
•    To explain Electronic Systems for Payment.
•    To Learn use of E-Commerce Advertising & Marketing
•    To understand business documents and Digital Library.
•    To understand use of multimedia systems for E-Commerce.

UNIT I                                            9
Introduction – Electronic Commerce Framework – The Anatomy of E-Commerce Applications. The Network Infrastructure for E-Commerce, The Internet as a Network Infrastructure.

UNIT II                                            9
Electronic Payment Systems, Interorganizational Commerce and
EDI, EDI Implementation, MIME and Value – added Networks.

UNIT III                                        9
Advertising and Marketing on the Internet, Computer Based Education and Training, Technological Components of Education on-Demand, Digital Copy rights and Electronic Commerce, Software Agent.

UNIT IV                                        9
The Corporate Digital Library – Dimensions of Internal Electronics Commerce Systems, Making a Business case for a document Library, Types of Digital documents, Issues behind document Infrastructure, Corporate data warehouses, Documents Active / Compound document architecture.
UNIT V                                            9
Multimedia and Digital Video – Broad band Telecommunications – Mobile and Wireless Computing Fundamentals.

        TOTAL : 45
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