GE1301 Professional Ethics Human Values Syllabus

GE1301        PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND HUMAN VALUES           3  0  0  100

•    To create an awareness on Engineering Ethics and Human Values.
•    To instill Moral and Social Values and Loyalty
•    To appreciate the rights of Others

1.    HUMAN VALUES                                10
Morals, Values and Ethics – Integrity – Work Ethic – Service Learning – Civic Virtue – Respect for Others – Living Peacefully – caring – Sharing – Honesty – Courage –
Valuing Time – Co-operation – Commitment – Empathy – Self-Confidence – Character – Spirituality

2.    ENGINEERING ETHICS                            9
Senses of 'Engineering Ethics' - variety of moral issued - types of inquiry - moral dilemmas - moral autonomy - Kohlberg's theory - Gilligan's theory - consensus and controversy – Models of Professional Roles - theories about right action - Self-interest - customs and religion - uses of ethical theories.

Engineering as experimentation - engineers as responsible experimenters - codes of ethics - a balanced outlook on law - the challenger case study

4.    SAFETY, RESPONSIBILITIES AND RIGHTS                    9
Safety and risk - assessment of safety and risk - risk benefit analysis and reducing risk - the three mile island and chernobyl case studies.
Collegiality and loyalty - respect for authority - collective bargaining - confidentiality - conflicts of interest - occupational crime - professional rights - employee rights - Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) - discrimination.

5.    GLOBAL ISSUES                                8
Multinational corporations - Environmental ethics - computer ethics - weapons development - engineers as managers-consulting engineers-engineers as expert witnesses and advisors -moral leadership-sample code of Ethics  like  ASME, ASCE, IEEE, Institution of Engineers(India), Indian Institute of Materials Management, Institution of electronics and telecommunication engineers(IETE),India, etc.

TUTORIAL                                         15       
TOTAL : 60
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