EC1257 Linear Integrated Circuit Lab Syllabus

EC1257        LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS LAB                          0  0  3  100
    Design and testing of:
1.    Inverting, Non inverting and Differential amplifiers.
2.    Integrator and Differentiator.
3.    Instrumentation amplifier.
4.    Active lowpass and bandpass filter.
5.    Astable, Monostable multivibrators and Schmitt Trigger using op-amp.
6.    Phase shift and Wien bridge oscillator using op-amp.
7.    Astable and monostable using NE555 Timer.
8.    PLL characteristics and Frequency Multiplier using PLL.
9.    DC power supply using LM317 and LM723.
10.    Study of SMPS control IC SG3524 / SG3525.
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