EC1255 Measurements and Instrumentation Syllabus

EC1255        MEASUREMENTS AND INSTRUMENTATION                 3  0  0  100

To introduce the concept of measurement and the related instrumentation requirement as a vital ingredient of electronics and communication engineering.

To learn
•    Basic measurement concepts
•    Concepts of electronic measurements
•    Importance of signal generators and signal analysers in measurements
•    Relevance of digital instruments in measurements
•    The need for data acquisition systems
•    Measurement techniques in optical domains.

UNIT I        BASIC MEASUREMENT CONCEPTS                                         9
Measurement systems – Static and dynamic characteristics –
units and standards of measurements – error analysis – moving coil, moving iron meters – multimeters – True RMS meters – Bridge measurements – Maxwell, Hay, Schering, Anderson and Wien bridge.

UNIT II     BASIC ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENTS                            9
Electronic multimeters – Cathode ray oscilloscopes – block schematic – applications – special oscilloscopes – Q meters – Vector meters – RF voltage and power measurements.

UNIT III     SIGNAL GENERATORS AND ANALYZERS                           9
Function generators – RF signal generators – Sweep generators – Frequency synthesizer – wave analyzer – Harmonic distortion analyzer – spectrum analyzer.

UNIT IV    DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS                                   9
Comparison of analog and digital techniques – digital voltmeter – multimeters – frequency counters – measurement of frequency and time interval – extension of frequency range – measurement errors.

UNIT V        DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEMS AND FIBER OPTIC MEASUREMENTS                                                             9   
Elements of a digital data acquisition system – interfacing of transducers – multiplexing – computer controlled instrumentation – IEEE 488 bus – fiber optic measurements for power and system loss – optical time domains reflectometer.

TOTAL : 45

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