CS1403 Case Tools Lab Syllabus

CS1403        CASE TOOLS LAB                        0  0  3  100

Prepare the following documents for two or three of the experiments listed below and develop the software engineering methodology.

1.    Program Analysis and Project Planning.
Thorough study of the problem – Identify project scope, Objectives, Infrastructure.

2.    Software requirement Analysis
Describe the individual Phases / Modules of the project, Identify deliverables.

3.    Data Modeling
Use work products – Data dictionary,
Use diagrams and activity diagrams, build and test lass diagrams, Sequence diagrams and add interface to class diagrams.

4.    Software Development and Debugging

5.    Software Testing
Prepare test plan, perform validation testing, Coverage analysis, memory leaks, develop test case hierarchy, Site check and Site monitor.

Suggested List of Applications:
1.    Student Marks Analyzing System
2.    Quiz System
3.    Online Ticket Reservation System
4.    Payroll System
5.    Course Registration System
6.    Expert Systems
7.    ATM Systems
8.    Stock Maintenance
9.    Real-Time Scheduler
10.    Remote Procedure Call Implementation

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