CS1305 Network Lab Syllabus

CS1305        NETWORK LAB                         0  0  3  100
(all the programs are to be written using C)

1.    Simulation of ARP / RARP.
2.    Write a program that takes a binary file as input and performs bit stuffing and CRC Computation.
3.    Develop an application for transferring files over RS232.
4.    Simulation of Sliding-Window protocol.
5.    Simulation of BGP / OSPF routing protocol.
6.    Develop a Client – Server application for chat.
7.    Develop a Client that contacts a given DNS Server to resolve a given host name.
8.    Write a Client to download a file from a HTTP Server.
9.    Study of NS2.
10.    Study of Glomosim / OPNET.
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