CS1205        OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING LAB               0  0  3  100

1.    Programs Using Functions
-    Functions with default arguments
-    Implementation of Call by Value, Call by Address and Call by Reference
2.    Simple Classes for understanding objects, member functions and Constructors
-    Classes with primitive data members
-    Classes with arrays as data members
-    Classes with pointers as data members – String Class
-    Classes with constant data members
-    Classes with static member functions
3.    Compile time Polymorphism
-    Operator Overloading including Unary and Binary Operators.
-    Function Overloading
4.    Runtime Polymorphism
-    Inheritance
-    Virtual functions
-    Virtual Base Classes
-    Templates
5.    File Handling
-    Sequential access
-    Random access

6.    Simple Java applications
-    for understanding reference to an instance of a class (object), methods
-    Handling Strings in Java
7.    Simple Package creation.
-    Developing user defined packages in Java
8.    Interfaces
-    Developing user-defined interfaces and implementation
-    Use of predefined interfaces
9.    Threading
-    Creation of thread in Java applications
-    Multithreading
10.    Exception Handling Mechanism in Java
-    Handling pre-defined exceptions
-    Handling user-defined exceptions
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