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To teach the principles of good programming practice and to give a practical training in writing efficient programs in C

•    To teach the students to write programs in C
•    To implement the various data structures as Abstract Data Types
•    To write programs to solve problems using the ADTs

Implement the following exercises using C:
1.    Array implementation of List Abstract Data Type (ADT)
2.    Linked list implementation of
List ADT
3.    Cursor implementation of List ADT
4.    Array implementations of Stack ADT
5.    Linked list implementations of Stack ADT

The following three exercises are to be done by implementing the following source files
(a)   Program for ‘Balanced Paranthesis’
(b)   Array implementation of Stack ADT
(c)   Linked list implementation of Stack ADT
(d)   Program for ‘Evaluating Postfix Expressions’
An appropriate header file for the Stack ADT should be #included in (a) and (d)

6.    Implement the application for checking ‘Balanced Paranthesis’ using array implementation of Stack ADT (by implementing files (a) and (b) given above)
7.    Implement the application for checking ‘Balanced Paranthesis’ using linked list implementation of Stack ADT  (by using file (a) from experiment 6 and implementing file (c))
8.    Implement the application for ‘Evaluating Postfix Expressions’ using array and linked list implementations of Stack ADT (by implementing file (d) and using file (b), and then by using files (d) and (c))
9.    Queue ADT
10.    Search Tree ADT - Binary Search Tree
11.    Heap Sort
12.    Quick Sort

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