CS1017 Parallel Computing Syllabus

CS1017        PARALLEL COMPUTING                                        3  0  0  100

To study the scalability & clustering issues, understand the technologies used for parallel computation, study the different inter connection networks and the different software programming models.

•    To study the scalability and clustering issues and the technology necessary for them.
•    To understand the technologies enabling parallel computing.
•    To study the different types of interconnection networks.
•    To study the different parallel programming models.
•    To study the software support needed for shared memory programming.

UNIT I        SCALABILITY AND CLUSTERING                        9
Evolution of Computer Architecture – Dimensions of Scalability – Parallel Computer Models – Basic Concepts Of Clustering – Scalable Design Principles – Parallel Programming Overview – Processes, Tasks and Threads – Parallelism Issues – Interaction / Communication Issues –
Semantic Issues In Parallel Programs.

UNIT II        ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES                            9
System Development Trends – Principles of Processor Design – Microprocessor Architecture Families – Hierarchical Memory Technology – Cache Coherence Protocols – Shared Memory Consistency – Distributed Cache Memory Architecture – Latency Tolerance Techniques – Multithreaded Latency Hiding.

UNIT III         SYSTEM INTERCONNECTS                            9
Basics of Interconnection Networks – Network Topologies and Properties – Buses, Crossbar and Multistage Switches, Software Multithreading – Synchronization Mechanisms.

UNIT IV         PARALLEL PROGRAMMING                            9
Paradigms And Programmability – Parallel Programming Models – Shared Memory Programming.

UNIT V         MESSAGE PASSING PROGRAMMING                             9
Message Passing Paradigm – Message Passing Interface – Parallel Virtual Machine.

TOTAL : 45
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