CS1015 User Interface Design Syllabus

CS1015        USER INTERFACE DESIGN                    3  0  0  100

To implement the basics and in-depth knowledge about UID. It enables the students to take up the design the user interface, design, menu creation and windows creation and connection between menu and windows.

•    To study the concept of menus, windows, interfaces.
•    To study about business functions.
•    To study the characteristics and components of windows.
•    To study the various controls for the windows.
•    To study about various problems in windows design with color, text, graphics.
•    To study the testing methods

UNIT I                                        8
Introduction-Importance-Human-Computer interface-characteristics of graphics interface-Direct manipulation graphical system - web user interface-popularity-
characteristic & principles.

UNIT II                                        10
User interface design process- obstacles-usability-human characteristics in design - Human interaction speed-business functions-requirement analysis-Direct-Indirect methods-basic business functions-Design standards-system timings - Human consideration in screen design - structures of menus - functions of menus-contents of menu-formatting -phrasing the menu - selecting menu choice-navigating menus-graphical menus.

UNIT III                                    9
Windows: Characteristics-components-presentation styles-types-managements-organizations-operations-web systems-device-based controls: characteristics-Screen -based controls: operate control - text boxes-selection control-combination control-custom control-presentation control.

UNIT IV                                    9
Text for web pages - effective feedback-guidance & assistance-Internationalization-accesssibility-Icons-Image-Multimedia -coloring.

UNIT V                                        9
Windows layout-test :prototypes - kinds of tests - retest - Information search - visualization - Hypermedia - www - Software tools.
TOTAL : 45
1.    Wilbent. O. Galitz ,“The Essential Guide to User Interface Design”, John Wiley& Sons, 2001.

1.    Ben Sheiderman, “Design the User Interface”, Pearson Education, 1998.
2.    Alan Cooper, “The Essential of User Interface Design”, Wiley – Dream Tech Ltd., 2002.

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