CS1006 Advanced Databases Syllabus

CS1006        ADVANCED DATABASES                                         3  0  0 100

Advanced database aims at developing computer application with different kinds of data models.  It is also deals with the Transaction management of these different databases.

•    To study the needs of different databases.
•    To understand about different data models that can be used for these databases.
•    To make the students to get familiarized with transaction management of the database
•    To develop in-depth knowledge about web and intelligent database.
•    To provide an introductory concept about the way in which data can be stored in geographical information systems etc.,

UNIT I        DISTRIBUTED DATABASES                                  9   
Distributed DBMS Concepts and Design – Introduction –
Functions and Architecture of DDBMS – Distributed Relational Database Design – Transparency in DDBMS – Distributed Transaction Management – Concurrency control – Deadlock Management – Database recovery – The X/Open Distributed Transaction Processing Model – Replication servers – Distributed Query Optimisation - Distribution and Replication in Oracle.   
UNIT II        OBJECT ORIENTED DATABASES                             9   
Object Oriented Databases – Introduction – Weakness of RDBMS – Object Oriented Concepts Storing Objects in Relational Databases – Next Generation Database Systems – Object Oriented Data models – OODBMS Perspectives – Persistence – Issues in OODBMS – Object Oriented Database Management System Manifesto – Advantages and Disadvantages of OODBMS – Object Oriented Database Design – OODBMS Standards and Systems – Object Management Group – Object Database Standard ODMG – Object Relational DBMS –Postgres - Comparison of ORDBMS and OODBMS.              
UNIT III        WEB DATABASES                                     9
Web Technology And DBMS – Introduction – The Web – The Web as a Database Application Platform – Scripting languages – Common Gateway Interface – HTTP Cookies – Extending the Web Server – Java – Microsoft’s Web Solution Platform – Oracle Internet Platform – Semi structured Data and XML – XML Related Technologies – XML Query Languages                  
UNIT IV        INTELLIGENT DATABASES                                9   
Enhanced Data Models For Advanced Applications – Active Database Concepts And Triggers – Temporal Database Concepts – Deductive databases – Knowledge Databases.

UNIT V         CURRENT TRENDS                                                 9
Mobile Database – Geographic Information Systems – Genome Data Management – Multimedia Database – Parallel Database – Spatial Databases - Database administration – Data Warehousing and Data Mining.

TOTAL : 45

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