CS1002 UNIX Internals Syllabus

CS1002        UNIX INTERNALS                                                                    3  0  0  100

To understand the kernel, I/O & files, process control, scheduling and memory management policies in unix.

•    To get thorough understanding of the kernel..
•    To understand the file organization and management.
•    To know the various system calls.
•    To have a knowledge of process architecture, process control & scheduling and memory management.

UNIT I     GENERAL OVERVIEW OF THE SYSTEM                                    9

History – System structure – User perspective – Operating system services –
Assumptions about hardware. Introduction to the Kernel : Architecture of the UNIX operating system – Introduction to system concepts – Kernel data structures – System administration – Summary and Preview.

UNIT II     BUFFER CACHE                                           9
Buffer headers – Structure of the buffer pool – Advantages and disadvantages of the buffer cache. Internal representation of files : Inodes – Structure of a regular file – Directories – Conversion of a path name to an Inode – Super block – Other file types.

UNIT III     SYSTEM CALLS FOR FILE SYSTEM                                   9
Open – Read – Write – File and record locking – Adjusting the position of file I/O –LSEEK – Close – File creation – Creation of special files – Pipes – Dup – Mounting and unmounting file systems

UNIT IV    THE STRUCTURE OF PROCESSES                                          9
Process states and transitions – Layout of system memory – The context of a process – Saving the context of a process.  Process Control: Process creation – Signals – Process termination – Awaiting process termination – Invoking other programs – The shell – System boot and the INIT process.

Process Scheduling – Memory Management Policies : Swapping – A hybrid system with swapping and demand paging. The I/O Subsystem : Driver Interfaces– Disk Drivers-Terminal Drivers.
TOTAL : 45
1.    Maurice J. Bach, “The Design of the Unix Operating System”, Prentice Hall of India, 2004.

1.    Vahalia, “Unix Internals: The New Frontiers”, Pearson Education Inc, 2003.

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