BM1007 Medical Informatics Syllabus

BM1007    MEDICAL INFORMATICS                                            3  0  0  100

•    To give comprehensive idea about multimedia applications in medical field to develop educational / training packages.
•    To understand the component of virtual reality and virtual reality applications in medicine

•    To study the methods utilized for data storage, data retrieval and analysis
•    To study the concept of visual programming and to develop VB based medical information systems.
•    To expose to various applications of computer in medical field like neural network, fuzzy system and virtual reality.
•    Based on the above knowledge to develop packages for transmission of medical information and for training.

1.    MEDICAL DATABASE IMPLEMENTATION                    9
Medical data acquisition and database systems: PC based mutlichannel data
acquisition system; storage, analysis and retrieval techniques.

2.    VISUAL BASIC                                    9
Visual programming concepts; visual Basic environment, tools and controls; Dynamic data exchange; VB based Medical information System.

3.    COMPUTERS IN SYSTEM DESIGN                        9
Hospital Information System its design and functional characteristics; Principles and application of Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic in Medicine.

Basic concepts of Multimedia; Design of Multimedia information systems; Components of virtual reality; Virtual reality applications in medicine.

5.    COMPUTERS IN MEDICAL RESEARCH                        9
Medical Informatics and its levels; Design and development of educational packages on medical sciences; Integrated design concepts; Interactive multimedia, Virtual and digital libraries, Internet and its applications.

TOTAL : 45
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3.    Harold Sackman, “Biomedical Information Technology’, Academic Press, New York, 1997.
4.    Mary Brth Fecko, “Electronics Resources: Access and Issues”, Bowker and Saur, London, 1997

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