Follow these ten golden rules and enjoy every moment of living.
•    Greet your family member first thing in the morning. If you are not used to this, they will be surprised with your sudden gesture.
•    Greet you peers, subordinates and boss once you enter the office. Smile at even the ‘security’ personnel standing at the gate, who takes care of you rsafety.
•    Greet your friends along the way and do not ignore them.
•    Continuously reciprocate to breed communication. If you do not reciprocate at east with a ‘thanks’ when you get information or a source on your online network or your offline network, you will not be remembered for a long time. If you are not remembered, you are out of your network.
•    Be a proactive listener and empathize with others to command respect.
•    While talking to others, your voice, tone and tenor must be audible and soothing. It should not be aggressive or in a shouting mode.
•    Dress well to suit your profession and to create positive vibes in your workplace. If you are a sales representative, do not go out with printed shirts and jeans, which may turn down your customer.
•    Political and religious comments must be avoided at all costs in the workplace, when you are in a group.
•    Your communication should not provoke others.
•    Do not speak ill of others if you can help it.
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