Aparna said:
•    Hai everybody!
•    Without knowing the basics we can not be successful in implement.
•    Studying other department papers gives us exposure in other industries/department.
•    It is good package of all important languages and subjects within our four year studies.
•    Paper likes probability &statistics makes us logically think.                                                               

Jebastin said:
•    We are just exposing to the basics only.
•    It is not necessary to study other department papers because we did not implement in outfields.
•    Global languages are not given importance.
•    So,I am concluding that it is total wastage of time.

Arunadevi said:
•    Total avoidance of other department paper will makes us lack of knowledge.
•    Practical lab sessions are very useful to improve our skill.
•    Industrial Visit Study tours help in practically gaining knowledge in our working 
atmosphere .
•    Large time can be allotted for detailed study of department papers whereas a shorter time    
span can be allotted for the less content/useful subjects.

Aravind said:
•    Old basics language which are not are current use is waste of time.
•    Curriculum is not updated regularly.
•    Deletion of useful topics from syllabus make us lack of gaining knowledge.
•    Over depth of irrelevant topics is unnecessary.

Bhavani said:
•    Learning same concepts is unnecessary  because somebody may be well verse in those concepts
•    Learning some papers such as CASE tools make us familiar in development side also.
•    So, curriculum is necessary.

Divya said:
•    Learning same concepts repeatedly make us well verse in those topics.
•    Discipline and other good habits have been learnt in the curriculum.
•    Arranging of communication lab make us well verse int the communication skills.
•    Step by step process of learning is possible.

Kavitha said:
•    Spending lot of time in examination is unnecessary.
•    Conducting exams only for our department papers make us familiar about the concepts.
•    In some of institutions they consider Industrial Visit was only for enjoyment not for learning
•    So, IVs are made waste.

Ajith said:
•    Industrial Visit are necessary because most of the institutions use this in right way.
•    Curriculum make our career more worth because the certification is more important than the other
•    So,I am concluding that curriculum is necessary.
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