Student : Good afternoon, Madam.
Librarian : Good afternoon. What can I do for you?

Student : I need to get some information on animal cells.
Librarian : What is it for?

Student : I have to make a presentation on animal cells in the seminar next week.
Librarian : That’s fine.

Student : Could you tell me where I can get it, Madam?
Librarian : Look at the last cupboard. It’s marked REFERENCE.

Student : Do you mean the one next to the LITRATURE cupboard?
Librarian : Exactly! There are a number of encyclopedias in that cupboard. You will find there ‘Children’s Science Encyclopedia’. That’s the right book for you reference.

Student : Oh, I see. May I borrow it for a day or two?
Librarian : Sorry the reference books are not allowed for lending.

Student : May I set here and take the notes?
Librarian : Yes, you may.

Student : Thank you, Madam.
Librarian : Welcome.



Person 1 : Hey! How are you?
Person 2 :  I’m fine. How do you do?

Person 1 : I’m fine too. At last our exams are over. So what have you planned for you future? What course are you going to pursue?
Person 2 :  My father is a doctor. And I always wanted to be a one too. So what are you going to do?

Person 1 : My ambition is to be a lawyer.
Person 2 :  Law! That never had any attractions for me. Why do you want to be a lawyer?

Person 1 : It is a very respectable profession.
Person 2 :  So can a doctor. What I like about the medical profession, apart from the scientific interest, is that the work is so humanitarian.

Person 1 : Well, a lawyer is doing a good work too. A lawyer helps to detect and prevent crime, defending the innocent from false charges, and helping people in distress.
Person 2 :  But a lawyer’s life is full of temptations. He is tempted to defend criminals for big fees, and to get them off just form punishment. I don’t see how a lawyer can help being a liar, too!

Person 1 : Now you are joking. It is possible for a lawyer to be an honest men as it is for a doctor to be a rogue.
Person 2 :  What ever may be the profession it’s all in our hands as to how we handle it.

Person 1 : You are absolutely right. Alright, its getting late for me. I shall make a move now.
Person 2 :  Ok. See you. Good luck for you future.

Person 1 : Good luck to you too. Bye.



SHOP KEEPER:  Good morning madam!What do you want
BUYER             :  Good morning ! I am in need of some cosmetics

SHOP KEEPER: Did u want any specified brand?
BUYER             :  Yaa!  I am in need of Herbal products

SHOP KEEPER: Himalaya product is the leading herbal product
BUYER             :  Yaa I need creams to remove dark circles and freshness cream

SHOP KEEPER: For removing dark the standard brand is Garnier
BUYER             : OK. What is the cost of the cream?

SHOP KEEPER: It is just Rs.190/- only
BUYER             :  No the cost is too high

SHOP KEEPER: It is branded item Madam so we want to sell it for the same price
BUYER             :  But the MRP is only Rs. 180/-

SHOP KEEPER: No madam we want to include tax also
BUYER             : NO I can’t this much of cost

SHOP KEEPER: OK madam if you buy more than Rs.300/-means I will give the      

BUYER             : Give the Himalaya dark circle cream also.How much it is?

SHOP KEEPER: It is just Rs.150/- mam
BUYER             : OK then the rate

SHOP KEEPER: As you are buying more than Rs. 300/- so pay me only Rs.275/-
BUYER             : OK. Give me the bill

SHOP KEEPER: Thank you so much mam! Visit again!
BUYER             :OK. Thank you for the



STUDENT    :Good morning sir
LIBRARIAN:Good morning. What can I do for you

STUDENT    :I am in need of  Silberscatz text book
LIBRARIAN: For which subject

STUDENT    : For operating system
LIBRARIAN: OK. Search it on the second rack.

STUDENT    :OK sir
(After a while)

STUDENT    : I can’t find it sir
LIBRARIAN: I will come there

STUDENT    : I had search here sir.
LIBRARIAN: I am sorry the book is not present in our library

STUDENT    : When it will come
LIBRARIAN: It will come within two days

LIBRARIAN:Are you in need of any other book?
STUDENT     : Yes sir I want an IEEE paper

STUDENT    : It must be belong to IT department
LIBRARIAN: OK give me your mail id

STUDENT    :OK sir
LIBRARIAN: I will send it within two hours

STUDENT    : Thank  you so much sir
LIBRARIAN: Are you inneed of any other thing?

STUDENT    : No, sir thank you so much
LIBRARIAN: It’s my pleasure!
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