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India Study Channel - Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn - The College going students of India, if you are looking to earn online as well as to learn about you college course, subjects from your stream, there is a best opportunity to make money online, best if you are in India. And even all other country students can also do it, but if you are in India there are some great features available on the site. is an educational portal site, which is providing reliable and comprehensive information on education related material, Students can participate in a discuss forums which will be reviewed by an English experts and will help students to improve their English skills. Also, students can earn revenue through various sections of this site by contributing content like your previous years question papers, submitting educational news etc.

You can visit India Study Channel to signup now.

Follow the following steps to make your earnings successful on ISC.

The following steps are purely to new users those have their earning through Adsense program should not follow these steps.

First Signup for a GMail Account on Add the correct information, like your correct address, phone numbers and Name.

Next Join India Study Channel using with your GMail Account.

Edit your profile on ISC with all the correct information which you have already added to your Gmail Account both addresses and all the data should match with your Gmail account.

Now Start reading all the things on India Study Channel as you start reading them, you will get the correct idea what you have to do on ISC and what other students are doing there.

Then Slowly Start contributing you ideas, knowledge, as articles and on forum sections.

Better if you stick with your course category on ISC, say if you are doing science make friends of the same category and use to ask questions and answer others questions and queries related to your category.

Write good articles related to your knowledge in the field, which you are studying.

Do these things for three to six months. It will make you famous on ISC and you will get good points, good rankings and more..

Then Start a BLOG on related to same topic, which you are on ISC and start writing there also, till now you have gained much knowledge on ISC on how to write articles, how to answer on forums etc. You can use the same skills and start writing how to guides and articles on what you have learnt on ISC.

After a month or two if you complete at least 10 to 20 good articles on you blog on go to the next step, which is very powerful.

That is Google Adsense – A most powerful tool on Internet to make money online legally.

Signup or Apply for Google Adsense through India Study Channel, placing your blog of as your primary site.

By seeing the Adsense profile on ISC and You blog status Google will definitely approve your account.

After getting approved you just continue to what you are doing on ISC as well as on your blog, this will make you an powerful online earner through google adsense as well as through ISC and the end of your annual examination of your degree, you will find that you are earning more than what the job oriented people are not doing in India.

Just try it as your hobby in your college times, may be your luck make you a Millionaire with your College Degree.

Try it Good Luck.
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As this is a study portal site. This can help many students to get their education as well as money simultaneously. Therefore that is a one of the best way.


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